Buena Vida is Spanish for Good Life and I am inspired by ancient traditions. We are part of our environment and our mind has an impact on our body. Our bodies are more than skin deep - so when we are touched  emotions surface. My goal is to provide a safe space where you can come to your self. Become more aware of  your current state of being and find out - step by step - where you need to be next to find that good living. The therapy sessions take between 30 to  60 minutes including about 5 minutes to prepare and to relax after the session. A full hour session costs 60 euros.

CHI NEI TSANG is a taoist abdominal massage technique that focusses attention on your internal organs, releasing negative emotions and toxins, thus allowing for the free flow of energy throughout your body. It is a powerful technique and helps alleviate digestive and emotional issues.


Marienburger Str. 5a | 10405 Berlin


Mobil: 0157 314 36 536


Fussreflexzonentherapie (Hanne Marquardt)


Chi Nei Tsang  (Taoistische Organmassage)

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) 


Praxisraum in der "Remise an der Marie" Marienburger Str. 5a, nahe Tram M2 Marienburger Straße